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Cool Tapestries, Bedspreads & Wall Hangings

If you are looking for cool, unique and vibrant tapestries to liven up your home you have come to the right place. TopTapestries is setup to bring you all the most awesome wall hangings from across the web. We feature a huge variety of different styles, colours and patterns giving you a huge amount of options to customise your home. Check out our elephant tapestries to get started!

We have ocean themed tapestries, for those going for a nautical or water themed room. We have awesome unicorn bedspreads for those who want a bit of magic and adventure in the house. For those who are unsure and just want to see some really cool wall tapestries, we have countless different options for you to check out.

We thoroughly believe that tapestries are one of the best and easiest ways to instantly change how a room feels. You could spend hours painting and redecorating but putting up a simple, themed tapestry totally makes a room stand out and creates a positive vibe. See our trippy tapestries for some wacky ideas.

Creating a theme is a very important part of making a tapestry work. For example you may decide to buy a black and white tapestry which you can use a centre piece for an old school theme. Decide how you want your room to look, what the theme should be and then pick a tapestry which will totally highlight the theme and make it stand out!

If you are struggling for theme ideas, browse around our website and we can assure you that inspiration will come! All it takes is finding that one wall hanging that really vibes with you and adds the finishing touch you have been looking for!

Perhaps you're creating a nature themed room? Check out our tree tapestries for some natural inspiration! For the animal lovers why not check out our adorable owl tapestries?

If you really are in doubt about wall tapestries, head over to our cheap collection. They are so cheap that if you buy it and don't like it, it's really no big deal! You can also happily take them on a muddy trek and use them as a picnic blanket!