Bohemian Tapestries: Bedspreads & Wall Hangings

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Many of us dream of the bohemian lifestyle, travelling around in a hippie van, smoking innocent plants and dancing in the sun. While not all of us have this lifestyle, we can bring the boho into our homes with these wonderful bohemian tapestries. There is no better way to brighten up a room in your house than hanging up a big beautiful tapestry. If you pick the right wall hanging with matching decorations, you can create a truly stunning effect which brings an air of positivity to the room.

We have gathered our favourite bohemian tapestries from around the web and placed them all here for our loyal viewers. You will find a wide variety of choice and colour so you can find that perfect bohemian wall hanging.

The bohemian style is a massive trend at the moment. Have a quick glance over at Pinterest and you will see that boho fashion is extremely popular. It's easy to see why though, it's a wonderful, positive and healthy lifestyle to live. If you need some inspiration for decorating in the bohemian style, head over to Tumblr or Pinterest and have a look around. You will quickly discover a tonne of images you can use for inspiration to create your dream bedroom.

When it comes to actually defining the art style, a bohemian tapestry is difficult to pin down. It very often features the popular mandala pattern with bright colours and extravagant patterns but it can really be anything that's cheery, positive and most importantly hippie!

It's important when you get a boho tapestry to have some other hippie style ornaments and plants around. It will compliment the tapestry in beautiful ways and will instantly draw attention. We strongly recommend spider plants, bonsai trees and even some ivy! Any plants which have a nice amount of leaves will look truly great along side your wall tapestry. If you want to add more, try some crystals which match the colour of your tapestry. Crystals aren't actually overly expensive, there is a wide selection over at Amazon that you can browse through and pick out the best match. Last but not least you can place some tribal type decor around the room. This is the finishing touch in creating a truly bohemian room!

These bohemian tapestries are also the ultimate summer picnic blankets for those who love those sunny boho outings. You can also use them as bedspreads to make your bedroom that extra bit hippie!

If you're looking for a gift for your hippie friend, these tapestries are a fantastic choice. They really do look great in a hipster style bedroom, we're confident your friend will absolutely love it! Choose one that best suits their personality, lifestyle and bedroom!

So try pick out the tapestry that vibes with you and will compliment your home, with such a variety of style we're certain you will find something that works! If nothing tickles your fancy check some of our other collections like the elephant wall tapestries!

For those interested in creating there own bohemian mandala tapestry, check out the video below!