Unicorn Tapestries – Top 10

unicorn tapestries

That's right, take a puff on the magic pipe and come check out my top 10 fantastical fantasy unicorn tapestries. Some of these are not what you think they will be, I have some very unique takes on the unicorn in this list!


#10 - Unicorn Tapestry by Online Big Bazar


Lets start things off with this awesome runic inspired tapestry. It has a great contrast of colour and I am a huge fan of the interwoven viking-esque rune pattern that is weaved all around the unicorn. The stars look great and contribute to the celestial feel of the tapestry. For me this is definitely a bedroom tapestry but as always if you have a different opinion let me know below!


#9 - Fractal Geometric Unicorn by Picomodi


This is a very clever, creative and clean piece of art. The entire unicorn shape is built out of different colours and shapes of triangles. Awesome. This has a very sunday afternoon type vibe, it is super relaxed, bright and uplifting. Would probably like to see this one as a living room back drop in a well lit room. It would also work as a bedroom piece for those who love unicorns but want something slightly different from the norm.


#8 - Unicorn Land by Elenor D.G.


A lovely piece of artwork by Elenor D.G. It features wonderful use of black, blue and red colours to create contrast and unity simultaneously. I particularly like the patterns on the bodies of the unicorns, it reminds me of native american artwork. These two very friendly looking unicorns would work wonderfully as a bedroom piece to help you relax and doze off into your fantasy dream land.


#7 - Unicorn, flowers, watercolor by Luba Ost


This is a very 'pretty' tapestry. It fills you with joy the moment you look at it. I am always a fan of black and white contrast with colours and this is no acception. The attention to detail in the flowers is awesome and I love the green leafy parts that hang down across the neck of the unicorn. A very cute piece of artwork that definitely. deserves a place on the top 10.


#6 - The Unicorn is Reading by Steph Terao


Adorable, comical and technically brilliant. This is a quality tapestry and I love everything about it. Seriously though whats not to love? It's an intellectual unicorn studying books on god knows what under an orange tree. Sick. This would be the ultimate tapestry to have next to your book shelf, in your reading room or even your office. I particularly like the floral surroundings in this artwork, truly wonderful.


#5 - Unicorn by Carma Zoe


This one is truly awesome and could easily have been higher on the list. A celestial purple unicorn prancing on a snow white background. Love it. The hints of black, shades of purple and white stars on the body of the unicorn are truly amazing. I also like the little splodges, particularly near the hoofs which makes it look like it's kicking up dirt (or star dust). Where would you place this one in the house?


#4 - Basquiat Skull Unicorn


When it comes to unicorn tapestries, a skeletal Zulu tribal unicorn is as cool as it gets. I'm a mega big fan of this one, if you have read some of my other posts you will know I'm a huge fan of tribal style art. I really like the interconnected shapes and patterns on the head of the unicorn. There is no consistency in the shapes yet they still manage to inter-lock beautifully. Imagine a massive version of this with a didgeridoo, some bongo drums and plants around it. That would be absolutely wicked and it must happen some day!


#3 - Fat Unicorn on Rainbow Jetpack


It's difficult not to adore this one. A definite bedroom piece, it will create a wonderful atmosphere in the room in combination with some other light hearted decorations. This plump little fellow is guaranteed to bring a few chuckles from the guests as he blasts off into galactic unicorn hyper space. Just don't let them feed him or there's not much chance he will be taking off.




This one is totally different from the rest in the top 10. It's a cold, mechanical digital unicorn and it looks totally awesome. For those of you who aren't so keen on the fairies and star dust, this is the tapestry for you. It's a wonderful piece of creative artwork and would be fantastic in a gaming or computer room. I really like the little 'shards' or triangles that are floating around as if they are flying off the unicorn as it gallops onward at light-speed. I also really dig the ocean blue colour in the upper right.


#1 - galaxy of the unicorn by Peter Kramar


The number 1 spot goes to this big god-like unicorn constellation. I love this artwork in so many different ways but the best part is, and I didn't notice this at first, is that the unicorns horn is a rocket ships after-burn... A hilarious touch to what otherwise looks to be a very serious piece of art. I love the engulfing purple star aura that swirls and flows around the unicorn. The little planet on the left hand side is also a brilliant touch. This is probably another bedroom tapestry in my opinion. Get some lavender incense, sitar music and go on a galactic adventure with this unicorn tapestry...

I hope you enjoyed top 10 unicorn tapestries, as always it was a pleasure to write. Don't be scared to voice your opinion in the comments below, I genuinely love to hear other folks points of view. Until next time my good people.



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